What your colleagues are saying about Coastal Medical Group

I write to thank you and your colleagues at Coastal Medical Group, including you and Drs. Tontz, Fithian, andDowning, for the excellent assistance rendered for our client. A very thorough records review, a full IndependentMedical Examination, and clear concise reports from your team enabled us to resolve a significant injury claim byassessing the quality and necessity of certain questionable elements in the Plaintiff’s course of treatment,including affording us the ability to challenge use of “stem cell” injections for an otherwise standard orthopedicinjury claim. Your insight into the best medical approach to assessing the plaintiff’s attorneys’ arguments wereinvaluable for our reaching a consensus on value and resolving the case. I am glad to offer this reference insupport of your work. Thank you.”
– Tyson & Mendes

When our patients are cared for by board certified orthopedic surgeons at the outset we knew the patients willget the proper care they deserve.”
– Walter Clark

The specialists at CMG are top notch and their reputation is stellar – each and every one of them are doctors Iwould feel comfortable sending my family to”
– D’Egidio and Pedroza

Meet my good friend Dr. Batra. He has worked with our firm for the last 10 years and his physicians have beenworking on numerous cases as treaters and experts. If you don’t know him, you should.”
– PSBR, Los Angeles

As a new attorney, I have had experience with orthopedic doctors that did multiple injections and said the patientneeds surgery and then went to charge thousands of dollars to put that recommendations in a report – I amthankful colleagues introduced me to CMG with doctors that actually care for the patient. Now that they are inSouth Bay there is no reason to send patients anywhere else.”

As a former defense attorney, in San Diego I had the opportunity to see some cases from the CMG doctors -challenging their care was an uphill battle.”
– JF

The concept of multispecialty care under one umbrella has been incredibly efficient and knowing CMG has thebest doctors in town make me reassured that I am doing the best for my clients.”
– P.S.

From my experience, Dr. William Tontz’s patients have praised him for his care and compassion. I would nothesitate to recommend CMG because of that.”
– RH

Dr. Douglas Dobecki has helped many injured patients that I was lucky to represent. They believe that he has beencrucial in their pain management and in reducing the ongoing daily struggles with chronic pain.”
– HamparaynPersonal Injury

These are the top doctors in Southern California and they have managed our incredibly complex cases from theParadise fires to the Las Vegas shootings. The doctors provide amazing service and Dr. Batra is just a phone callaway.”
– Frantz Law Group

What sets CMG apart from other groups is their ethical and empirical approach to patient care so that I am notgetting pushback from the other side about a bunch of injections or every patient getting a psychologicalevaluation.”