If you have been injured in a car accident or in a situation that is no fault of yours, the doctors at Coastal Medical Group are available to manage your medical care. Oftentimes, the current healthcare system does not allow for efficient or individualized care and our physicians can provide the quality care you require.

Coastal Medical Group does not contract with any insurance carriers and does not rely on insurance based “middlemen” or “case managers” to direct care. Our physicians are considered some of the top physicians nationally and believe that the doctor patient relationship takes precedence over any insurance company.

Our specialties include orthopedics, spine, neurosurgery, neurology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and pain management. The physicians work on liens and cash basis only. They have worked with both plaintiff and defense firms.

Patients are advised to contact our office at: (858) 356-0361

Or online at:




scheduling@coastalmedicalgroupnc.com (NorCal)