Board-Certified Upper Extremity Ortho Surgeon

Locations: Del Mar – 12264 El Camino Real #202 San Diego, CA 92130 and Chula Vista – 750 Medical
Phone: (858) 356-0361

Kristopher L. Downing, M.D.– Orthopedic Surgery – Hand, Upper Extremity and Micro Surgery

Being available, affable and able are rules to which Dr. Downing ascribes. With the ever-changing medical delivery climate, new and equally if not more important rules, including evolving, engaging and putting forth effort, are guiding his mode of practice. Being able to evolve and be adaptable and flexible and willing to take on new clinical and administrative skills has proven him very useful. Being willing to engage and take on issues and not ignore reality has also helped his orthopedic surgery practice to grow. Lastly, all of this has required great effort and has been far from easy.

Dr. Downing strives for meticulousness and attention to detail in all of the general orthopedic and hand/upper extremity care he provides to his patients. This has led to successful desired patient outcomes, even in the face of devastating injury/disease.

Dr. Downing sub specializes in the care of the upper limb, including the shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand, and he prides himself in taking his time and utilizing his maximal effort and critical thinking for each patient. Most importantly, he gives his patients the time and attention they need, despite the pressures of a hurried health care environment. Dr. Downing treats all of his patients as if they were a family member, and this keeps his patients exceptionally happy with his treatment decisions. He frequently will have patients returning for continued care of other body parts or sending their own family members, close friends, neighbors and/or co-workers to see him for orthopedic care. Lastly, Dr. Downing and his patients have strong pacts with each other to comply with treatment decisions made together and this holds both the patient and Dr. Downing accountable to work hard together to improve the orthopedic problem initially presented by the patient.

Dr. Downing’s overall goal is to accurately diagnose his patients’ conditions and to provide his patients with reasonable treatment options.

When not in the office or operating room, Dr. Downing enjoys spending time with his growing family and traveling. Exercising heavily and eating well routinely are integral parts of his health maintenance and allow him the continued drive he requires to fully enjoy his personal and professional pursuits.

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, Surgery of the Hand

Medical Education

  • University of California, Los Angeles – 2004


  • Harbor UCLA Medical Center – Preliminary Surgery – 2005


  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania – 2009


  • University of Southern California, Joseph H. Boyes Hand and Upper Extremity – 2010