Coastal Medical is affiliated with Del Mar Brain and TMS Center, a multispecialty practice of board-certified neurologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapy and cognitive rehabilitation specialists available on lien.

Anesthesiology & Pain Management

Dr. Douglas Dobecki – Pain Management

Dr. Anuj Gupta – Pain Management

Dr. Hazmer Cassim – Pain Management


Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld – Neurology/Post Concussive Headaches

Dr. Bilal Choudry – Neurology/MTBI

Dr. Monika Gupta – Neurology/MTBI


Dr. Ross Schwartzberg – Neuroradiology/Head and Neck


Dr. Sanjay Ghosh – Neuro Surgeon/Spine

Dr. Vikram Udani – Neuro Surgeon/Spine

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Neville Alleyne – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Spine

Dr. Richard Brown – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Hand and Wrist

Dr. Tal David – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Shoulder and Knee

Dr. Kristopher Downing – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand

Dr. Donald C. Fithian – Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon/Knee

Dr. Andrew Hartmann – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Shoulder, Elbow and Hand

Dr. John Lane – Orthopaedic Surgeon (El Centro)

Dr. Gregory Loren – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Shoulder, Knee and Ankle

Dr. Payam Moazzaz – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Spine

Dr. Bill Mohlenbrock – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Michael Muldoon – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Hip and Knee

Dr. Lucius Pomerantz – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Upper Extremity

Dr. Sanjum Samagh – Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon/Extremity

Dr. Garrett Tallman – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Foot and Ankle

Dr. William Tontz Jr. – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Spine and Hip

Dr. Patrick St. Pierre – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Upper Extremity

Dr. A. David Tahernia – Orthopaedic Surgeon/Spine

Dr. Rishi Jindal – Plastic/orthopedic Upper Extremity

Otolaryngology / Neurotology

Dr. Brian Weeks – Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Munish Batra

Oral Surgery

Dr. Kambiz Kohani, DDS – Oral Surgeon


Dr. Raphael Morris- Forensic Psychiatrist