Welcome to Coastal Medical Group

Welcome to Coastal Medical Group, a subspecialty group consisting of board-certified medical doctors, including spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists, pediatric neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, plastic & reconstructive surgeons, ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, ophthalmologists, urologists and pain specialists. Every member of the sub-specialty group is an MD with extensive experience in managing injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

  • For Attorneys

    For Patients & Attorneys

    Coastal medical group provides services for PPO patients as out of network providers, on a lien basis or cash. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care of the patient and we are not limited by case managers or insurance companies dictating medical care. We work with both plaintiff attorneys and defense firms. Our specialists are considered some of the top physicians in their field and are often called upon us experts in both defense cases and for plaintiff cases. Most importantly our goal is to provide excellent medical care in a timely and responsible fashion.

  • Affiliated Doctors

    Affiliated Doctors

    • Dr. Munish Batra

      Dr. Munish Batra

      Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Expertise in craniofacial trauma...

    • Dr. Sanjay Ghosh

      Dr. Sanjay Ghosh

      Spine Surgeon

    • Dr. Tal S. David

      Dr. Tal S. David

      Orthopedic surgeon specializes in arthroscopic and sports medicine surgery

    • Dr. Anuj Gupta

      Dr. Anuj Gupta

      Pain management specialist and anesthesiologist

    • Dr. Richard Brown

      Dr. Richard Brown

      Orthopedic surgeon specializes in hand reconstruction, trauma and microsurgery

    • Dr. Vikram Udani

      Dr. Vikram Udani

      Board-Certified Neurosurgeon

    • Dr. Perry Mansfield

      Dr. Perry Mansfield


    • Dr. Monika Gupta

      Dr. Monika Gupta

      Board-Certified Neurologist

    • Dr. Bilal Choudry

      Dr. Bilal Choudry


    • Dr. Ross Schwartzberg

      Dr. Ross Schwartzberg

      Board-Certified Neuroradiologist

    • Dr. Andrew Hartmann

      Dr. Andrew Hartmann

      Upper extremity surgery and specializes in hand, elbow and shoulder surgery

    • Dr. Garett Tallman

      Dr. Garett Tallman

      Sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon

    • Dr. William Tontz, Jr

      Dr. William Tontz, Jr

      Orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery

    • Michael P. Muldoon, MD

      Dr. Michael P. Muldoon

      Orthopedic surgeon

    • Gregory James Loren, M.D

      Dr. Gregory James Loren

      Orthopedic surgeon

    • Dr. Donald Coburn Fithian

      Dr. Donald Coburn Fithian

      Orthopedic surgeon

    • Dr. Douglas Dobecki

      Dr. Douglas Dobecki

      Pain management specialist & anesthesiologist

    • Dr. Kristopher L Downing

      Dr. Kristopher L Downing

      Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

    • Dr. Brian Weeks

      Dr. Brian Weeks

      Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgery

  • Resources

Philanthropic Work

Several of our doctors participate in doing charitable work either in the US , Mexico or overseas. This work consists of orthopedic cases, hand reconstruction, burn reconstruction, birth deformities and neurosurgical cases.

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